Beeswax Wrap - Individuals
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Beeswax Wrap - Individuals

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It's always exciting to have a surprise! We will choose unique pattern for you out of our beautiful selection. 

Small Wrap:18cm by 22cm.  Ideal for snack sized items: half avocados, Crackers and cheese, small bowls, cut fruit and lots lots more!!

Medium Wrap: 33cm x 26cm. Wrap your sandwiches for school or work, cheese, bowls, avos, veggies and fruit. 

Large Wrap: 33cm x 33cm. Perfect for, large or double sandwiches, big blocks of cheese, bowls, quarter pumpkins, large veggies, greens from the garden and all your favourite foods! 

XL Wrap: 42cm by 42cm. This wrap is ideal for wrapping loafs of bread, or covering big bowls, or even summer watermelons.

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