Easy Breakfast On The Go | Smoothie Cup + Smoothie Bomb Bundle

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Smoothie Bomb

How many times have you left in the morning with no breakfast?  Kids are fed, lunch boxes packed and into the car on an empty tummy.

A few hours later you can't understand why you are so hungry, actually hangry?

Our Breakfast On The Go bundle means you can leave the house fed and happy too, yes, you can also have breakfast, crazy right?! 

With three easy steps, breaky on the go is yours too.  Step three will be the hardest part.

  1. Pick your fave Smoothie Cup Colour
  2. Pick your fave Smoothie Bombs flavour (it's going to be hard)
  3. Wait for the courier

No brainer breakfast, just for you!  Well you can share it but this one is supposed to be about getting you fuelled for your busy day.


All products are available individually but this makes life so much easier.

Smoothie Cup details can be found here.

Smoothie Bomb details can be found here.