bbox Snack Cups

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bbox snack cups for lunch box variety

Introducing silicone snack cups! These nifty little cups have been designed to fit inside the lunchbox and lunchbox mini, to create additional compartments for added variety. A silicone snack cup can be used at full size or the unique foldable silicone cup can be folded down to suit lunchbox compartments (and appetites!), making them ideal for food separate and contained. No more soggy crackers or runaway grapes!

The multipurpose silicone snack cups can also be used separately from the lunchbox; the snack cup design makes them versatile as a stand-alone container with lid for snacks or dips and other little delicious foods.

You can bake muffins, quiche and so much more right into the cups so you can take your baked goods from oven to freezer to lunch box with ease. Made from food-grade silicone and spa free, they're durable, and reusable making them eco-friendly.


These little gems save on dishes, bake right in them, pop into the lunch box and the snack cups are dishwasher safe, they could just be your favourite new lunch box accessory.

  • We recommend using your silicone snack cups at full height only in the non-sealed sections of your lunchbox (long section and sandwich section) and mini lunchbox (long section only). 
  • In the sealed sections, use snack cups folded down.
  • Using snack cups at full height in the sealed sections can interfere with the leak-proof seals. Plus, it makes the lid a little harder to clip closed for younger children.