bbox Sport Spout Water Bottle 600ml

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bbox drink bottle with sport spout 600ml

Active ids get thirsty.  The bbox drink bottle with sport spout is a no-fuss easy to use drink bottle.  It's unique bbox triangle shape makes it easy to hold in little hands but the 600ml option means you won't have to fill the water bottle up all the time.  Great for a day out, kindy or school.

Looking for something a little smaller? Check out the bbox drink bottle with Sport Spout 450ml or for those who prefer an insulated option there is the bbox insulated water bottle.


Mums love this silicone spout that requires no compression, and features a slight valve to prevent spills. Large push button and flip top lid makes it easy for kids to open and drink from so they aren't bothering you even two minutes for a drink.

We love how the flip top lid keeps the mouthpiece clean and leak-proof when closed. Flexible handle lets your kids carry it to class or training easily, plus bumper (removable) to protect against life’s knocks.


Made from Tritan™ ,  the bottle is lightweight and extra durable. 450ml/15oz capacity. Minimal parts make it easy to clean. Dishwasher safe (top rack only).