bbox Tritan Water Bottle 600ml

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bbox water bottle for school kids

Introducing the bbox unique school kids' drink bottle! This 600ml bottle is specifically designed for school-aged kids, with a triangle shape that's easy for little hands to grip.

The push button lid pops open easily, and the spill-proof bite valve straw top prevents accidental spills. The robust carry handle makes it easy for kids to carry and remove from their school bags. Plus, the 600ml capacity and angled silicone straw lets kids drink to the very last drop and stay hydrated throughout the day.

The bbox drink bottle is easy to assemble/disassemble and clean, dishwasher safe, and perfect for kids on the go!


Holding 600ml and easy to use means when your little one is heading off to school with this drink bottle it will be easy for them to use and hold enough water for the day.


Made from Tritan™ ,  the bottle is lightweight and extra durable.

  • unique ergonomic triangular shape bottle fits the two-hand grip of a child perfectly.
  • easy to open/close lid. lid pops open at the press of button and locks into place to prevent hitting the child in the face when tipped forward.
  • spill-proof bite valve straw top prevents accidental spills
  • robust carry handle makes it easy to carry and remove out of school bags
  • silicone straw top and angled straw – allows kids to drink even when tilted.
  • minimal parts and ultra-easy to clean, assemble/disassemble
  • materials – PP and silicone
  • Size of the product: 86mm (d) x 78.7mm (w) x 268mm (h)
  • Before first use - ensure silicone valves are separated by gently squeezing to allow air to enter the bottle.  This will allow better liquid flow.