Big Emotions for Little People | Toddler Board Book

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A beautiful book supporting your toddler in identifying their emotions 

Can your child be a little wild sometimes? What if you could help them understand and manage their emotions? Big Emotions for Little People board book can do just that!

This book is a simplified version of the best-selling book, How Do I Feel?A Dictionary of Emotions for Children. It helps to introduce little ones to emotions and how they might look, using other toddlers as examples. This allows them to identify themselves in the illustrations.

Used regularly this tool can help children learn to manage and regulate their own emotions over time. It's the perfect tool for parents and caregivers to have on hand when big emotions come visiting.

Mum Win

Perfect tool to use when you want to re-centre your child and support them through those big emotions when they come knocking.

Additional Info

DIMENSIONS: 170 mm X 170 mm X 13mm
BIND: Board Book