Montii Bottle Bumper Bluestone

Bottle Bumper 600ml + 350ml bottles

Regular price $9.95

Silicone bottle bumpers not only protect your bottle from bangs, scuffs and drops they are gorgeous on trend colours! Gotta love a product that improves an already incredible one! 

Just slip the bumper on the bottom of your Montii drink bottle and you’re done - how easy is that?! It will help keep your bottle looking as great as the day you bought it.

Pick up the same Bumper colour as your bottle, or mix and match to put a spin on your usual style – it’s a world of play!

Fits the Original 600ml, the Mini and Handbag Hero sized bottles.  Don't worry we have some for your Mega bottles too, you can find them here.

Bumper 5cm high x 7.5cm diameter

Food grade silicone

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