Dryer Balls


Add three 100% NZ Wool dryer balls to your tumble dryer to reduce drying time & save on energy costs. Dryer balls absorb moisture & separate laundry allowing hot air to circulate more freely. Not only will your laundry dry faster, wool dryer balls reduce static & naturally soften fabric. Place on the windowsill to airdry between loads.

- SHEEP-ish Design Dryer Balls are a practical yet lovely gift for anyone from Grandma to mother-in-law, through to new parents.

- Being New Zealand Wool, and light weight, SHEEP-ish Dryer Balls are a great gift to send abroad and perfect for tourists wanting to take a 'little piece of NZ' home.

- Because wool contains naturally occurring lanolin, you may notice a 'farmy smell'. Rest assured this smell does not transfer to the clothing, rather, the lanolin assists to soften and anti-static laundry.