Montii Co Insulated Lunch Bag | Colour Pop Collection

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Warm yoghurt and soggy cheese never gets eaten.  Sick of spending hours at the kitchen bench packing lunches that just go to waste because they aren't kept fresh?  The Montii Co insulated lunch bags come with their own ice pack that spans the whole length of the bag so everything stays cool and as fresh as when you packed - winning!  No more floppy cheese or dodgy chicken for your kids!

This vibrant collection will have the kids smiling, their tummies full and you'll be able to spot their lunch bag a mile away! 

All our bento lunch boxes and snack size boxes fit inside these great lunch bags.  

  • Machine Washable - That's right throw them in the machine, keep them clean!
  • Durable fabrics (they passed the rough + tumble kids test no problem)
  • Quality aluminium lining. No plastic comes into contact with your lunch
  • Thick insulation to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer
  • Easy to wipe clean, for a mess-less life
  • Self-contained gel ice pack, independently certified “food safe”
  • Separate pocket for the ice pack. No condensation = No soggy food YES!!!!
  • Large, flexible design for more room to pack lunch
  • Made to last

Measures 23.5cm x 28cm x 7.5cm (on the inside)

We recommend unpacking your lunch bag as soon as you are finished using it, and wiping the interior of the cooler bag with a damp cloth to remove any crumbs or spills.  This includes removing the ice pack.
If a spill occurs in a lunchbox or lunch bag we recommend cleaning it as quickly as possible.
The bag should be left to air dry overnight. It is best to dry standing on the bench (or an empty dish rack) to allow adequate air flow to thoroughly dry the bag.
Ensuring the bag is completely dry each day is especially important in humid or damp climates where mould may grow.

MontiiCo insulated bags are machine washable! The bag should be washed on it's own, in cold water, on a gentle cycle. Use your regular detergent, and a soap or powder pre-treatment as required.  Do not bleach, soak or iron.

Bags should be dried flat and open. Ensure your bag is 100% dry before storing. Where possible dry your bag outside in sunlight, which naturally kills mould particles and keeps your bag fresh. We love popping ours on top of the washing line!

Regular cleaning, and drying (especially in sunlight) extends the life of your bag by removing dirt and food particles from within the fabric before they grow into mould.
Your MontiiCo lunch bag should not be placed in the dryer. They may shrink, melt or come back looking nothing like it did before.