Reusable Safety Razor

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Reusable Eco-Friendly Razor 

So you've been thinking about a reusable razor? It sounds great not throwing plastic razors into the landfill but you're worried it might be hard to use. The trick to the best shave with these beautiful razors is to gently glide them long your skin rather than tugging them along. Not only will you get an incredible smooth and silky shave you'll never find razors that look this good in the supermarket.

Included in the pack:

1 x Long-Handled Razor

5 x Stainless Steel Blades 

1 x Blade Return Envelope 

For specifics on each colour, check out the additional information tab.

Mum Win 

You won't be needing to write a new razor on your shopping list every few weeks with this razor. Life long purchase for the entire family, durable, eco friendly, and stylish- it ticks all the right boxes. 

Additional Info 

Instructions For Use: 

1. Unscrew the head of the razor from the handle. 

2. Place blade between the two top plates, holding by the blunt edges. 

3. Screw the handle back on and shave away!

4. Replace the blade when it goes blunt. On average this is every fifth shave, less for thick hair, more for fine hair. 

5. Rinse the Razor thoroughly after each use. Clean away soap and hair then let dry out of the shower.

Store your Razor safely out of the shower between uses and take care not to drop your Razor. 

The Specifics of the Copper Safety Razor:

  • Copper Razor is made from Stainless Steel Type 304 20% and Zinc Alloy 80%.

  • The Copper colour is electroplated into the Stainless and Zinc Alloy. The Copper isn't a layer and cannot 'come off'. Please rinse the Razor thoroughly to prevent discolouration from soap residue.

  • Dimensions - 9.4cm Handle, 4.4cm Blade Holding Plate

  • Secure screw in blade with 2 top holding plates for durability and safety. Blade is held tightly between these two plates and you can shave with both sides. 

  • Stainless steel replacement blades and blade returns envelope included.