Stainless Clothes Pegs

Marine grade stainless steel clothing pegs belong in every home.  No more broken pegs, these are built to last even by the ocean side they will not rust and leave less of an indent on your clothes.

Strong enough to withstand high winds, your clothes won't fly away either.  

What I love about these is they get used through out our home, in the kitchen for sealing up bags, in the garage for grouping packets of seeds together and it goes on.  Even found our daughter using them to peg her artwork together.


Kinder Living
  • 6cm High x 3cm On The 'Squeeze Part' x 0.2cm In Thickness For Durability.
  • All Stainless Clothing Pegs are made from Type 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Packaged in a kraft paper box 
  • They are perfectly finished and polished
  • 10 year guarantee* 
  • CaliWoods Metal Clothing Pegs are weather and salt resistant