Tu Meke Tui Hard Cover | Supports How Differences Make Us Special Hard Cover

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Tu Meke Tui is a children's book, a story of friendship, courage and discovering that what makes us different makes us special.

Recently tu meke (as two words) has become a common phase meaning "too much" or "cool".  Tu Meke Tui was born out of author Malcolm Clarke's appreciation for New Zealand native wildlife and his dream of sharing their beauty with young readers  The book is illustrated by the talented artist Hayley King known as Flox.

Tere the Tui and Taitu the Takahe are two very different sorts of birds: one loves to flit and twirl about in the sky, while the other prefers to rustle around in the undergrowth. Each unique and each special.

This book is hardcover, a soft cover version can be found here.


A children's book written especially for NZ children about friendship, courage and embracing our unique selves.


240mm x 240mm, 22 pages, 210gsm