We Might Be Tiny | Wooden Stamper

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When you need more than one Cookie Cutter Stampie 

Introducing the Wooden Stamper by We Might Be Tiny - the perfect addition to your cookie cutter set! With this handy tool, multiple children can help stamp those freshly made cookies doughs without fighting over the favorite cutter. So say goodbye to those never ending battles and get yourself a Wooden Stamper today!

Mum Win

Whether you're wanting to speed up the cookie production line or have misplaced your stampie handle, this stand alone Wooden Stamper is the answer!

Additional Info

Wooden Stamper only. No silicone animal stamps or stainless steel cookie cutter included.

The stamper is made of rubber wood.

We recommend hand washing your wooden stamper, rather than placing in the dishwasher.

Avoid submerging the wooden stamper in water for long periods of time as this can warp and wear the wood