That Red House Testimonials

That Red House organic soapberries amazing customers often give us feedback that makes us smile. Actually, it makes us grin like a baby demolishing a piece of cake! Here are just a few!

As a family of 5 washing is a constant in the household, we went through so much detergent it was crazy, until we found soap berries, initially I was a little hesitant, as having 2 boys in the household mud was a constant. On the first use however I was won over, they worked better than expected. We usually use a cold wash, so I just soaked the berries in warm water first to get them sudsy and then straight into our normal cold cycle.
- Emma


My 5 year old has been struggling with irritated, itchy skin for years. We have had her tested for allergies but everything that was tested came up negative and the doctor said that she didn't have eczema... We were at our wits end. A friend suggested that we try soapberries and we can not believe the difference!!! She has stopped scratching and there is no more rash! I can't thank you enough, I have told all my friends about your product. I will NEVER use any other laundry product again!
- Bernadette


Wow soapberries! I love these little wonders. They are fantastic! I use them for all our household washing, including my two children's clothes which are often soiled with food, mud and grass stains. My children have mild eczema so it's great to know I'm not using anything on their clothing that could be an irritant. As for cleaning? They really do a great job. After years of using regular detergent it took a bit of getting used to - to wash without some sort of detergent, but I found that they really do the job and they're so economical. It's a bonus that I am supporting a local business and the environment. I will be sticking with these - Thanks That Red House! 
- Fiona 


I have been using soapberries for about a month. Initially I was worried about their stain removal properties so I only used them on dark colours, towels and sheets. it worked quite well so I tried it on my whites. I find the soapberries work much better in warm water. I like that it leaves the clothes without a smell as sometimes I can be allergic to strong smells. I have since started using the laundry tonic which leaves the clothes smelling nice but is not overpowering. I've found it very economical as the berries can be used 5 times. Some clothes only need to be put through the rinse cycle with the bag of berries!
- Susanne, NSW


When this bag of organic soapberries arrived we thought let's give them a try, we washed the bedding, towels and clothes and couldn't believe how one little berry could wash everything so successfully. As I have very sensitive skin I noticed a difference soon as I used a towel, after a few days of washing my clothing etc my eczema has settled down to nearly nothing and I would think with regular use of these soapberries the difference would be incredible.I have told several of my friends about these wonderful soapberries, chemical free and totally natural. 
- Peter 


I began using soapberries when I stumbled across them at the supermarket. I had never heard of them but was curious on how they might work. I had slowly been eliminating chemical based products from my home, going to all natural and organic so I thought these might be great. I wasn't wrong. I can't recommend them enough. My clothes are cleaner, fresher and softer. I love that you can do several loads with one batch of berries and I love that is also eco friendly on my machine! Not to mention the savings in my pocket! I recommend these to everyone I know!
- Ana