Drink Bottles

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Drink Bottles

Keeping your family hydrated, especially on the go isn't always easy.  Stop wasting money on drink bottles you have to replace all the time.  Buy well, buy once.  A trick I found works, is if the kids pick their own bottle they usually love and take care of it.  We cover the whole families needs to stay hydrated at home, school, sports and activities while looking good too:
  • Kids drink bottles
  • Teens with growing thirst
  • Adults drink bottles for the biggest thirst, have you seen the Montii Mega drink bottle?


Q. Will these drink bottles leak?

A. No!  We choose our products based on how they function and look.  If used correctly none of our range will leak.

Q. Will the water stay cold all day?

A. When you put cold water with a few ice cubes into these bottles they will stay cold no matter how hot the day gets.

Q. So it will keep my water cold but what if I want to take coffee to morning sports?

A. Being double walled insulated so long as you heat first with boiling water then add your coffee, it will stay hot for 8 hours.