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Three kids, a mini van and running from school and day care drops off to work in heels, who knew the was going to be my life?!  I don't have time for leaking water bottles or crappy quality anything and I am sure you don't either.

We are a busy family with three active children. In our family when the kids are fed, watered and engaged in play, all is right in their world, making life enjoyable and easy.  For over five years now we have been helping other mums find the best products to make family life a little easier too.  Lunch, meal time and on the go reusables are essential to keeping everyone fuelled and hydrated and natural play ensures even children with the most sensitive skin can enjoy as well.  

Five years ago, I started off investigating how to remove chemicals and toxins as possible for our family due to our son having super sensitive skin, life threatening food allergies and reactions to all kinds of environmental chemicals.  One day, he came home with face paint on from day care and his skin reacted so badly it took weeks to settle down and heal.  I started to search for natural face paints, so our son didn’t have to miss out on the face painting fun. The search for natural play products he and other children can safely use continues, this is one of my favourite things to find.  As a parent having to tell their child they can’t play with something because they may react is painful so I am so proud to share our family favourites with you in our “Play” collection.

Due to allergies, our family needs to be vigilant with food ensuring there is always plenty of safe, healthy food and of course the occasional treat on hand.  Plenty is the key word in that last sentence.  With life-threatening allergies even using a drinking fountain can be dangerous and we have always been protective of the planet so plastic one-use water bottles are just not for us.  Lunch boxes aren’t just a school necessity, they come with us whenever we leave the house.  Using reusable products also means that we aren’t creating unnecessary family waste.  I love our kids don’t even know what cling film is, they just always reach for a reusable container.  Making a positive impact on the planet doesn’t have to be hard, it can be part of our everyday life through simple choices.

Our three kids each have very different food preferences so one type of lunch box just doesn’t work for us.  After jamming far too many lunch box fails in our cupboard I am passionate about helping mums find a lunch box that suits their family so they can avoid the same fate.  I always say, when you find the lunch box that comes home empty, you have found the right one!  We can help you find the right one for your little person too. 

Our kids are outdoor, tree climbing, horse riding, active kids so our products are robust, quality products that can be dropped, dragged and still come out looking good.  I love that the kids are also learning the importance of having fresh food on hand so they can enjoy their adventures because there is nothing worse than a hangry kid.  These products just make my life easier and I know they can help you too!

As our children grow through different stages of their lives they are currently 8,6 and 3, we add to our collection sharing what we learn and find along the way so All Natural Mums is an ever growing and ever evolving knowledge base of products for children of all ages starting at infant.

Along the way we have met some incredible people and found more wonderful products to help our family live an active, playful and conscious lifestyle, walk with a lighter footprint on the earth and teach our children that our choices make a difference.  If we all make small changes, we can create huge impact without even noticing.  

Mums love shopping with us because they trust we stock only safe and effective solutions to everyday mum challenges, an online shop that makes their lives easier by saving them unnecessary trips to different stores in search of lunch time, meal and on the go essentials plus natural and chemical free play solutions for their families.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Stacey x