Lunch Lover | Primary to Middle School

Lunch Essentials for Primary to Middle School 

Hey mums, are you struggling to make sure your little ones have enough to eat and drink to get them through their day? We hear you – feeding growing appetites can be tricky! That's why we've created our Lunch Lovers Collection, full of lunch boxes, drink bottles and other great accessories for keeping your little ones fuelled throughout the day.  Perfect for primary to middle school sized appetites.

Our lunchboxes are the perfect size for packing plenty of food without overloading your child. And with clever insulated lunch bags, their lunch will stay fresh and tasty until it’s time to eat! Drink bottles chosen for increased thirst and come in a range of colours and designs you and your child will love, makes it easy for them to access their water throughout the day.

Our Lunch Lovers Collection is designed with growing kids in mind, so you can have confidence they're eating right and staying focused during their time at school. Check out the whole range now before they fly off the shelves!