Bobo & Boo Bamboo plates and bamboo dinner sets for toddlers

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Bamboo plates, bamboo dinner sets for toddlers and bamboo cup sets

Your dream of lovely family dinners together but cringe when setting the table with all the tacky plates and cups plastered with cartoon characters.  Bobo & Boo bamboo divided plates, bamboo dinner sets and bamboo cups come in a range of sizes from toddlers through to school-age children and there are even adult sizes too.

So what's all the fuss about bamboo dinner sets? Buying stylish bamboo plates now means you don't have to buy stuff every time a fad changes. Blippi today, My Little Ponies tomorrow. Bamboo dinner sets are great for toddlers, they will never shatter like glass or ceramic plates if dropped, or let's face it thrown.

Bobo and Boo bamboo dinnerware isn't just great on the family dinner table, picnics and camping never looked so good when you take your bamboo dinner sets with you.