May 20, 2022 2 min read

5 tips for introducing solids using the Subo Food Bottle

Mums, have you started thinking about introducing solids to your little one? It can be a daunting task, but with the right tips it can be a breeze. Subo food bottle can make the transition easy and enjoyable for both of you! Here are our top five tips for making the transition to solid foods a little smoother with Subo:

1. Be patient. Some children catch on quickly, others take a little more time.

2. Use the Subo spout straw. It is perfect for getting babies used to using the food bottle and avoiding frustration, which can lead to food refusal. The food sits close to the spout making the food easily accessible. This can help them get the hang of it much quicker.

3. Start with their favourite foods. Our children are clever and may reject new foods, now is not the time when you are introducing a whole new way to eat. It doesn't mean only pureed apples for the rest of their lives but we do recommend introducing new foods once they have the hang of the Subo.

4. Introduce the Subo before they are hangry. Nothing is successful when there is a hangry toddler around - ever! It's a good idea to have a food bottle refilled with a fave so it's on hand when your little one needs their next snack. It is likely this will also reduce any refusal.

5. Hand it over and give them control.Starting solids and showing independence go together like birthdays and cake. Early in the self-feeding stage, your baby is learning to coordinate movements and pick things up. They also start experiencing textures for themselves! This helps them develop preferences in foods as well as when they're hungry or full.

Independence + convenience = success! The Subo Food Bottle gives your child the freedom to feed themselves, begin to learn hunger cues without a creating a big mess you need to clean up. We love a solution that benefits the whole family.




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