October 01, 2022 4 min read

Super Fun Spring Picnic Ideas For Your Family

LookFor New Flowers

Springtime is a time for new beginnings, and the sight of new flowers is always a sign that the world is waking up after winter. Take a walk through your local botanic gardens or park and see how many fresh flowers you can see.

Daffodils and bluebells are popular spring flowers. Or, if you are lucky enough to live in an area with Cherry Blossoms, make sure you head out and see them. Remember, the cherry blossom only lasts for a short while so you need to be quick.

When you are out picnicking, you may even choose to take a few flowers home with you (just check you are able to pick them first, of course). Wildflowers and daffodils look amazing in a vase. Or, make an activity out of it by taking some flowers home to press using the super fun Poppy & Daisy Flower Press Kit. Simply grab some baking paper to lay the flowers on and two heavy books to press either side.

 Flower Press DIY Kit by Poppy & Daisy

GoFor A Hike Or A Ride

Spring is an excellent time for hiking and bike riding because the weather is generally fair, but it’s not too hot. Head out to your favourite trail and work up an appetite.

Don’t have a favourite trail? Then, Google some great ones in your area and get out there. You might discover some fun new destinations and have some adventures along the way. Even a simply walk in the park can be fun during the changing season, chat with your little ones about the differences they notice. You might even be lucky enough to spot some ducklings!

Be sure to pack your Montii NZ drink bottles to stay hydrated.  Available in three great sizes there is one for everyone in the family.  

 Montii NZ drink bottles in all sizes at All Natural Mums

Play Pooh Sticks

If you can find a picnic spot near a bridge over a flowing stream and a few nice size sticks, then you’ve got everything you need for a game of Pooh Sticks. Made famous by Winnie the Pooh and friends in the Hundred Acre Wood, this is a simple game that even young children can play. You could even pack a copy of Winnie the Pooh in your picnic bag for a bit of reading.

How do you play? It is super easy. All you have to do is this: each person drops their stick on the upstream side of the bridge. The person who wins is the one whose stick appears first on the other side of the bridge!


GoOn A Bug Hunt

As well as new plant life shooting up, Spring is a good time to find some wildlife hopping around. You can hunt for bugs in your backyard or out in the park - if you have a magnifying glass that will help.

Grab a bug catcher to take some new crawly pets home, or simply see how many bugs you can spot. There are plenty of references online for which bug is which and how you can identify them.  


Go On A Nature Hunt

Scavenger hunts are super fun for kids and adults alike. So, why not head out on a nature hunt. You can simply call out things for the family to hunt for - a huge tree, a stone, the biggest stick they can find etc.

Or, grab one of our awesome Nature Hunt Kits. Inspire your kids to explore nature or race to find all the items on the cards. As the cards contain pictures, they are perfect for even the youngest family members. Then, simply wipe clean when done, ready for the next adventure.

 Nature hunt game for kids by Poppy & Daisy

GoPuddle Jumping

Sometimes Spring weather is changeable, but a bit of rain doesn’t need to spoil your plans. Because it will probably be warm, after the rain has stopped (or even while it is still going), find some gumboots and a raincoat and jump in some puddles.

Kids love puddle jumping, and we reckon mums and dads are secretly amping at the chance to give it a go also.


DoSome Planting

If the new flowers you found on your walk inspired you or you don’t have much green space to walk around, then create your own by doing some spring planting. Sunflowers are a great choice for kids as they are fairly easy to grow and grow into beautiful, cheerful flowers. Plant one each and have a competition to see whose will get the tallest. If veggies are more your thing, then peas, carrots and lettuce can be planted in Spring and grow into kid-friendly veggies.

And if you prefer an indoor planting option, try our Mini Garden Kit.

 Mini garden DIY kit for kids by Poppy & Daisy

More Inspiration

Want more Spring fun ideas? If you are stuck for inspiration, think about investing in a copy of Your Wild Imagination or Your Wild Child books. They have fantastic ideas and activities for Spring and all year round. You can find them both in our Kids Books collection.

 Kids outdoor play ideas book | All Natural Mums

Great SpringPicnic Food Ideas

What is a picnic without great food? The weather usually warms up in Spring, so pack your picnic full of light bites like sandwiches, or perhaps mini quiches and savoury muffins, some prepared veggies and dips and some sweet treats.

You can pack all your tasty treats into one tote bag, or give everyone their own lunch box with a selection for each person. Or, if you are picnicking in your garden, bring out reusable plates and cups like our Bobo & Boo range.

Of course, spring weather can sometimes still be changeable so you might want to pack some warmer food in that case. Our insulated food jars are fab for packing warm noodles or soup. And they are just as good at keeping salads nice and cool and crisp if the weather is warm.

Put it all together in your Montii insulated tote bag, and you’ll find getting out of the house easy, and everything easy to unpack when you reach your destination. You might also want to throw in a couple of reusable cups in case of a cafe stop on the way home - that way you can enjoy your coffee, hot chocolate or fluffy while helping the environment.

You can shop everything in our online store. If you have any questions, please get in touch.



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