Munch Cupboard

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An eco friendly social enterprise company that produces high quality eco products for the family.

Munch has a strong focus on baby and children products relating to the kitchen. 

Munch has three key aspects to it;

  1. Sustainable ‘Motherhood’ workforce
  2. Eco-friendly, unique products with strong design elements
  3. Strong advocates for our children

Sustainable workforce

All parts of Munch are touched by mums wanting to contribute to a sustainable idea. Many tasks at Munch are done by a mum at home. We are strong supporters for the living wage. There are so many talented mums that want ‘work to fit around their children’ rather than having their ‘children fit around work’.  We are flexible and collaborative with all our mums as traditional work structures just don’t fit with us.  Munch is by parents for parents.  

Mums supporting mums, it doesn't get much better than that!