Subo Straw Spout

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Subo Straw Spout

Introducing the all-new Subo Straw Spout! This soft, food grade silicon spout is perfect for feeding thin type foods like purees, yogurts and rice cereals. The 5mm diameter opening makes it easy to switch out with the original spout that comes with The Food Bottle. So whether you're weaning your little one or just looking for a more comfortable feeding experience, the Subo Straw Spout is sure to please!

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Mum Win 

no need to throw away your entire bottle, just replace the top! The Subo Straw Spout is an easy to replace, straw spout that will fit all Subo Food Jars.

Additional Info

First grade silicone 

  • Suitable for younger children (6-12 months)
  • Smaller mouthpiece for smaller mouths
  • Can be swapped out with original spout
  • BPA & Phthalate Free