April 13, 2022 4 min read

 Montii NZ Makes Lunchtime And Snack Time Easy

Why we love Montii NZ (and you will too)

There are plenty of things to like about the Montii NZ range. Here are just some of the things we love:

Designed by a mum 

MontiiCo was established by an Aussie mum with an active family who understands just what busy parents are looking for. They do everything you need, and they are well designed and easy to use for both adults and children.

Montii Founder Mum and Business Woman

A wide range

There’s everything you need for work, school and play. The best part? Things come in a range of sizes, so they fit perfectly too - from the mini insulated cups perfect for little hands to giant cups for mums who really need that caffeine hit.

Great quality

Montii products are made to last. They can withstand all those little accidents that kids have. You can drop them, drop things on them, spill stuff on them - they’ll still function exactly as they should and clean up as good as new.

Great designs

Montii NZ back to school essentials

Just because the Montii NZ range is practical, doesn’t mean it can’t look great also.

We are firm believers that lunch bags don’t have to be boring - the Montii insulated come in all kinds of cool patterns. There are fab designs like flowers and dinosaurs for the kids and some more stylish patterns for the grown-ups.

And, with a rainbow of colours to choose from in the reusable cups and drink bottles, everyone can have their favourite. If you are the kind of mum who likes everything to match, you can kit out the kids in matching backpacks, lunch bags and a coordinated coloured bottle.

Our Favourite Things To Do With Montii NZ Products

Montii products are amazing, so here are some of our favourite ways to maximise their usability at lunchtime and snack time:

Warm lunches for a cold day

There’s nothing like a cup of soup or noodles to cheer up lunchtime on a cold day. But lukewarm soup is never a good thing.

Montii NZ insulated food jar to keep food warm all day
Luckily, Montii NZ insulated food jars are on hand to keep things toasty. These jars keep food warm for up to 5 hours and are easy to carry and open. Plus, they can go in the dishwasher so cleaning up is a breeze.

But, they don’t just cater for hot food. They work equally well for keeping salads cool in summertime.

Top Tip #1: Montii insulated food jars need to be warmed before popping your lunch foods inside. The easiest way to do this is fill the jar with boiling water a few minutes before packing lunch. When you have your warmed food ready to go, tip out the water, dry the jar and pop the food inside to keep them toasty until lunchtime.

Top Tip #2: If you are serving things like nuggets or quiche, that can go soggy, include a paper towel in the Montii insulated food jar as it will absorb any excess moisture.


 Keep it cool

Just like lukewarm soup, lukewarm yoghurt isn’t very nice, and neither are limp sandwiches. With an insulated lunch bag, your child’s school lunch will stay fresh from packing to eating. But the Montii lunch bags aren’t just designed for children. With some stylish, funky patterns, they’ll work just as well to keep your leftovers, sandwiches or salad cool for work.

Stop for a caffeine hit

Whether you are hitting the cafe on your way to work or heading out for a family
adventure, that could include a cafe visit, take a Montii reusable cup with you.
Montii NZ reusables for active families

The mini coffee cups are just the right size for fluffies or hot chocolate. They also have the added benefit of being cool to touch on the outside so they are perfect for little hands. For the adults, there are regular sizes and the Mega cup for days when you really need it.

Pack a picnic

Packing food for the family picnic is easy with a Montii tote bag. These bags are big enough to carry everything you need, and because they are insulated, they’ll keep your picnic cool too. Pair with a reusable water bottle for each person or one of the bigger bottles to share, and you’re good to go with just a few items to carry.


 Stay hydrated the stylish way

Montii NZ drink bottle that says cold for 8 hours

A good water bottle is an essential item whenever you head out of the house. On the go at school or pre-school Montii drink bottles make it simple to stay hydrated. And the Handbag Hero is just the right size to slip into your bag for work.

Shop the Montii range today

Love the sound of what Montii has to offer? We do too!

That’s why you can find Montii NZ products under the Eat, Drink and Carry categories in our shop. Or head to the Montii brand page to see everything we have for sale.

Each page contains all the product info we think you need, but if you have any questions feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for some healthy snack ideas?  We have some family favourites in our blog Healthy Snacks for Kids.


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