August 12, 2021 4 min read

Pizza With A Healthy Twist

Not many kids would turn up their noses at pizza, but it’s not always the healthiest option. Unless you transform it into this delicious kid-friendly (and nutritious) version that is! There are nine veggies hidden inside these cheesy, savoury pizza rolls!

Serve them up as an after-school snack, pop them into one of our fab lunchboxes to go to school, or pack them up and take them to the sports field for a post-game boost.


Embrace The Liquid Lunch

No, it’s not the kind of liquid lunch you are thinking Mama! We mean a liquid lunch with a healthy and nutritious energy boost.

Sometimes one of the most comforting meals is a nice warm soup on a cold day. Send your child off to school with a delicious soup in an insulated food jar that will keep it warm until lunchtime.

We love this recipe for slow-roasted tomato soup.

Alternatively, a hot cup of milky milo or hot chocolate is an excellent energy boost after a hoon around the soccer field or netball court. We don’t tend to feel like drinking as much in the winter, but it’s important to stay hydrated – especially when playing sport. If the kids aren’t keen on water, see how they go with a tasty, warm herbal tea instead.

Of course, nothing stays hot for long in winter – unless you use the right drink bottle to keep it toasty. These insulated drink bottles keep fluids warm for six hours (and cold for eight hours in summer), and the easy-drinking silicone straw is a hit with little ones.

And let’s not forget about the essential cup of coffee or tea for you on the sidelines. Keep it steaming hot (for up to eight hours!) in this stylish regular size Montii coffee cup or if you love a big caffeine hit the Mega Montii coffee cups with a screw-on lid (also available in mini size for your mini-me!)


Fritters For Keeping Fitter

Fritters are simple to make, travel well, and tend to be popular with the kids. Packed with protein and featuring a decent dose of green veggies, this funky fritter recipe will keep rumbly tummies happy between meals.

Looking for a way to transport your winter warmer food snacks so they don’t get squished? These snack bags from Montii.Co are an innovative solution that can be used to transport a huge range of snacks – from nuts and berries to leftovers and fritters. No single-use plastics and no squished food coming back home in the bottom of the schoolbag.


Pack Some Pie

Not much can beat a piping hot pie when it’s cold out. But the average meat pie doesn’t travel so well, nor is it that nutritious!

So, whip up your own mini snack versions with these cheese and bacon tartlets. They are delicious heated up or eaten cool throughout the day. Make a double batch because we guarantee they won’t last long! Protect them in one of our funky lunchboxes.


Power Up With Citrus

Oranges and mandarins may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “winter warmer food,” but these fruits are in season now for a reason!

They are at peak sweetness, are simple to transport, easy to peel, and contain lots of immunity-boosting Vitamin C to help fight off the winter ailments. Throw a couple into the lunchbox, your handbag, or the car, and they will be a welcome sweet treat for hungry mouths.


Egg Them On

Not every snack has to be a gourmet one. Sometimes simple is best. And you can’t beat the humble egg, well you can beat it, but in a totally different way! Hardboiled eggs are a breeze to prepare and can be enjoyed hot or cold. The protein boost helps active bodies recover from all that exercise.


An Apple A Day….

There is something satisfying about the juicy crunch an apple makes when you bite into it. But in winter, you may prefer a warmer version. Cooked apple is sweet, comforting, and super-warming. Pop it into a container on its own or team it with porridge for a satisfying lunchtime school snack. We like this simple version.

Worried your “hot lunch” will be more luke-warm by the time break rolls around? Not a problem with these gorgeous Montii Insulated Food Jars. Sturdy yet easy for even little hands to handle, these vacuum insulated, double-walled stainless steel jars will keep a hot lunch warm for up to 5 hours!



Stay Cosy With Warmer Healthy Snacks For Kids

Eating and drinking help keep us warm, regardless of what we consume. The mere act of digesting produces heat, and because we burn more energy trying to stay warm, it’s vital to increase the intake of nutritious, satisfying foods during winter.

Think about adding foods with a bit of extra protein and good fat, particularly when the kids are out and about being more active.

When you’re trying to juggle the drink bottle full of soup for the kids, a cup of coffee for you, and snack supplies for the kids, make life easier by investing in this super cool (or hot, in winter) Montii insulated tote bag that fits everything you need on the go.

And don’t forget to feed yourself, too! Happy sports days Mama!




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