SLiCK KiDS plus Detangler Brush Bundle

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You probably can’t decide which products you need the most, and that’s just fine.
Honestly, you need them all and we totally get that.
Save some $$ and grab this ‘try it all’ pack with a cool discount!

You will receive
-1 x Hair Spray
- 1 x Detangling Spray
- 1 x Hair Paste
- 1 x Hair Gel
- 1 x Hair and Body Wash
- 1 x Detangling Hair Brush
- The wonder and adoration of your peers

Not sure how each product can change your life? Here’s some helpful hints:
Hair paste is great for curly, unruly, or short hair styles.
It keeps hair neat without a heavy, oily look.
Hair Spray keeps hair in place without a hard finish. Perfect for everyday use, or
for events such as dance concerts and sporting events.

Hair Gel is your buddy for styling straight hair and for setting longer, tied back styles. Smells like happiness.

Hair Detangler is your defence against the screeches of your child as you brush their hair. Creamy but light, the brush will glide through effortlessly and nourish the hair in the process. Parents report that the hair still looks great for days afterwards.

Detangler Hair Brush is the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! It works on all hair types, wet or dry and with hundreds of amazing reviews, you can't go wrong!

All ingredients listed on the individual products.