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Back to School Supplies


Thinking about Back to School? Our 10 Step Checklist for Back to School covers school supplies, school lunches and getting the kids looking forward to heading back to school and making preparation easier for you. We recommend starting our Back to School checklist a week before school goes back to set everyone up for a smooth transition.

1. Start your Back to School Sleep Routine

Holidays can mean a relaxed bedtime schedule. Don’t leave it until the night before school to adjust the sleep times. Starting a week before will get the kids back into routine and buy you back some extra time in the evenings. Don't forget to set the alarm for the morning too!

Smoothies for a quick breakfast on the go

2. Get Meals Times Back on Track.

No more time for rolling breakfasts, time to make sure everyone has a nutritious breakfast to start their day, including you! Smoothies packed with protein, fruit/veg are our go to for a quick, delicious breakfast that can be eaten on the run and kept cold in our Mini Montii Smoothie Cups.

Start packing lunch boxes now so the kids can get used to using them like they will at school. If your children are like mine, it also means the kids aren’t nagging for food every 20 minutes. If age appropriate have the kids start making their own lunches. A great lesson on creating healthy and yummy lunches plus, we know kids love eating what they make.

Preplan dinners, this is where families often get unstuck, getting back into routine can be exhausting.Having meals pre planned and ingredients delivered makes dinner time more relaxing and less stressful.

When shopping for lunch bags we recommend the Montii Co Insulated Lunch Bags that come with their own ice pack to keep food fresh. A drink bottle that keeps the water cold all day is also a must, check out our Water Bottle Collection, there is something for all ages.

School Supplies Notebook

3. School supplies

Order online, I can do both kids in five minutes and it gets delivered.

Don’t forget to check the following still fit, it is amazing how much some kids grow over summer:

4. Talk about going back to school

Most children don’t like surprises unless it is a pony or a new bike. Talking about going back to school and what to expect prepares them for what's ahead. If your child is expressing worry, anxiety or even fear you have an opportunity to support them to understand and manage their feelings and emotions in a positive way. A shopping trip together for a first day of school outfit or new backpack can create excitement.

We have a range of books to help children navigate their feelings and worries including Aroha’s Way, Aroha Knows and Let It Go. These books are adored by children, parents and teachers alike and provide useful, practical resources to support families understand and manage feelings.

5. Go to school

Especially with younger children, going to the schoolyard to familiarise themselves and play a few times before the first day of school can help settle nerves. It also provides a reminder of the commute time so you can plan.

Remember to point out important areas, the office, toilets, water fountains and the most important area, the playground.

6. Select the outfits

Ask your child to help choose the outfits for the first week of school and lay them out. You won’t have to think about that again until the next week, a great time saving habit to get into.

Back to School Support

7. Pack the Backpack

Together with your child, pack the backpack the night before. Including them provides some control rather over it is ‘happening’ to them. Explain this will be their job going forward!

8. Arrange to meet a friend

Play dates with friends before school goes back boosts excitement and can settle fears. On the first day of school arrange to meet a friend before school starts so the kids have an opportunity to talk and play before class begins.

9. Talk to the Teacher

On the first day, speak to the teacher and share what your child has done over the summer and how they are feeling about going back to school. If your child is feeling anxious, nervous make sure the teacher is aware. Clear communication from the start will set everyone up for a successful year.

10. Coffee date catch up

Head straight to the nearest café for a catch up with some girlfriends even if it means taking a half day off to ‘settle your child’.

You have certainly earned it!

I hope this checklist was helpful for getting ready to send the kids back to school.  Wishing your whole family a great school year ahead.

Stacey x

Handy Back To School Checklist

For school lunch inspiration check out our blog for 7 Ways To Do Litter-less Lunches.

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