January 27, 2022 3 min read

Lunch Box Guide | 2023 Edition

A new year often means a new lunchbox but what one is the right one for your little one? Whether it is back to school, off to kindy or back to work for you we can help the whole family.

If you are like me you like to pick things up and check them out.  Picking the right lunchbox can be a difficult but we hope to make it a little easier for you.  Lunch boxes come in a range of sizes, colours and prices.  We pride ourselves on offering your family a range of options that are all:

  • Made to last
  • Leak proof – yes really!
  • Covered by a warranty if something goes wrong
  • Easy to exchange using our ‘Love It’ guarantee if for any reason you don’t love it when it arrives 

Our family of five all have different lunchboxes to suit our needs and while they are an investment they have lasted.  So well in fact that Miss 9 is sick of using the same lunch box for the third year in a row but there is nothing wrong with it so it is about to start it's fourth year!  I upgraded our son when he was 6, he is now 8 and rough as guts to a bbox lunchbox and I am pleased to say he is using the same one (cue angels singing).  He is desperate to get his hands on the new Official All Blacks version but too bad for him... the other is still going strong.

There are so many options out there and sometimes our children change their eating habits when not at home but we have put some tips together to try and help you make the best decision when choosing your next lunchbox.

  1. What does your child like to eat?

When sandwiches on the menu most days you need a lunchbox that will accommodate these easily, our suggestions:

 Small bites, platter lovers and those who just enjoy variety will love the additional compartments of these lunchboxes:

  1. How much is your child going to eat?

Some kids go to school just to eat their lunch and others just want to play.  Slow eaters and smaller appetites won’t need as much food packed or it will just be wasted. 

For those who burn energy quickly and have larger appetites you’ll want to pack one of our larger options.  You don’t want them getting hungry and unable to focus!  The and Go Green Lunch Box ranges are very generously sized, and the Large Go Greenis the largest bento style box on the market.  It holds a huge 8 cups of food.  The whole foods lunchbox is also large and holds whole fruit (like apples and bananas) as well as a whole sandwich, a large salad and so much more.  The Yumbox Tapas Lunch Box is also larger and very popular with growing kids.


  1. Is thick yoghurt, dips or sauces on the menu?

If any of these make a regular appearance in your lunch boxes you need a leak-proof lunch box.  Our favourites are Yumbox,  Little Lunch Box Co and Go Green.  The bbox lunchbox also offers leak-proof compartments but not the whole lunch box. 

  1. Do you need a lunch box easy to open and close?

Starting kindy and then school creates all kinds of new experiences.  Some can be quite stressful Let’s make getting into their yummy lunch is easy. YumboxLittle Lunchbox Co and b.boxare our picks for the little ones.  A little hint… get their lunch box a few weeks before they start school so they can get familiar with how to use them at home before navigating it alone.

Hopefully, that has helped if you do have any questions though please feel free to get in touch via email or slip into our DMs on social media.

Stacey xx




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